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Friday, 31 May 2013

Pfaff Creative 1475 CD mended for now!

Years ago, after a lot of sewing machine research, I decided on a Pfaff Creative 1475 CD with IDF.

The 23-Y-O was 5 months old at the time; my younger brother and I put her, in her little car seat, in the back of his motor and we drove to Hammersmith High Street, where I purchased my dream machine!

I lurved this machine, lurved it I tell you!
We made things together, me and Pfaffy; tiny baby clothes, little girly dresses with matching shoes, little and then big patchwork quilts, dresses, blouses, trousers and simple bags for me,  an outfit or two for a funeral or two, bridal frocks and suits, wedding dresses and suits, bridesmaid finery......

The actual machine
plus wear and tear

Then one day, a year or two after the guarantee ran out, the tension went kaput!

Arghhh!  No money, no machine; what to do?

I went to buy some veg for our tea one day and last minute, went to the  man in Tooting Broadway Market who sold and repaired machines, at that time.   He persuaded me to buy a heavy, zig-zag Husqvarna Viking 3010 machine that I couldn't even carry home.  It's a great machine. Sturdy, reliable, easy to fix, cheap replacement parts.  But it didn't do this

 or this,

or indeed this
not automatically, anyway!

I plodded on, Pfaffy sitting in the corner gathering dust, being moved from one corner to another, 


What!  (I hear you exclaim in disbelief)?


I had a laptop that also went kaput a while ago.  The best forum advice said: heat it up with a hairdryer around the circuit board bit.  The solder would melt, flow to the relevant components re- connect them, voila, laptop works again!
Did it work?  Your a bit curious now innit?

Did it ek-as-like! It just melted and warped the plastic. And I was using it on my hair, hair I tell you!


I looked at Pfaffy, Pfaffy looked back, all forlorn and hound doggy, I walked past the hairdryer and, 

like I said!

so I took this

and held it around here
for a couple of minutes.  Aluminium body you see, not too many melty opportunities!

And now, Pfaffy does 

And I do THIS!

I hope this is of some use to someone out there and that it can work for somebody else.

In the meantime, I plan to make one of these

using some Georgette fabric wot I bought cheap, from Silkhance Fabrics in Tooting, but I cant find it at the moment.  And that's what you get for clearing things away!

The bag is ongoing, meaning I  haven't received my hardware yet but it looks like this so far.

I do not like that lilac but, It's done now and I'm not gonna change it again!  (long story)

I'm awaiting some lobster clasps and bag feet in silver effect.  I have large eyelets for the lobsters and should have bought silver rivets but I don't want to wait any longer.

Teacher: Why can't you ever answer any of my questions?
Pupil: Well if I could there wouldn't be much point in me being here !

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bag jumper

My week with not enough pictures:(

I'm working on a new bag.  I'm kind of addicted at the moment (you don't say!) but it'll pass soon.  The sun is in the sky in the UK, sometimes, and even though it's still very cold, ( nobody told the weather it's nearly June) I'm hopeful that I can wear some summer gear that I plan to make, soon.

In the mean time,  I'm part way through a bag that used to be a jumper. I acquired this from a recent clothes swap.  I ( of course, with my feeble memory) forgot to take a picture of the jumper before I cut it up! But the shape was very similar to this one,

but with less sleeve, less pattern and less neck.  And as you can see from the pictures below, it was washed so much, I didn't need to finish of the edges as it doesn't even fray when cut!

This was meant to have been the back of the bag but, because it's only a useful tote, I'm gonna have this in front, plain back and use a bag organiser instead of putting more pockets on (in).
It's a bit feeble, so...
I sewed plastic canvas onto the side seams

Inside, interfaced and strengthened 

That's it, so far.  I'm awaiting hardware from the post people.  I told myself to stop spending so much on the Bay so,  I bought my stuff from a shop on Etsy UK instead.  (hee hee)!

I had 40 minutes to wait for a pal in Tooting Broadway on Wednesday lunchtime, so I popped in to a place called Graveney and Meadow for tea and a sit down.  Service was great, young folk working were all lovely, not to mention beautiful and tea was bought to me with a tiny teapot that yielded 2 cups.  No pics (sigh)!
I'm going back, I'm bringing a friend and I'm taking pictures, if they allow it.  This is their site
The reason I'm giving them a mention is - this is what I saw on my trip to the bathroom.

Pattern paper art!
I was altogether too amused!
Another day!

How do you make seven an even number?
You take out the 's'!

Saturday, 18 May 2013


I have been quite disparaging about my local car boot sale in Wimbledon Stadium on Saturdays.  To me, it looks like a scene from a post Armageddon film, all desperate and dreary!  However, one Saturday, after I saw a man carrying a sewing machine that he'd just bought there, for £25, I changed my mind!

I took the opportunity to go today and I came away with the most beautiful gleaming white lace tablecloth, ( of course , I forgot to take a picture but looks a lot like this!) and I gave it to my sister.  

I also scored this home made, Jade wool suit.
It's a lot more green in the flesh (wool)
 that has some of the kind of detail that I want to be bothered to put into my clothes
skirt hem

waistband, not I suspect, meant to be seen on a blog!

Liking these buttonholes

Jacket facing and hem

CB lining detail 

under collar; and a lot of stitches
How, you are asking, do I know it is really wool?
'Cos I did the burn test with a few fibres snipped from a seam and I put them through the fire.  They smelled like burning hair and there were no telltale melty plastic bubbles.  (yes! melty is a real word)

I love this suit.   Only thing is, looking at the photos, I remind me of Black Miss Trunchbull!

The Trunch!
And the price for looking like an old lady?   


Who's that said I've been robbed?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Go Postie!


came in the post, sometime yesterday, from these people

I love them; they're sturdy, all the same shade, from the UK and delivered as promised.  Great service eh?

 came today from these people

I wasn't going to put a pocket in this bag but I'm liking the idea now. There's a whole space here, 

on the back, where black should go (IMO).

This is the bag that started me on my bag journey.  it's from Amazon, from back a few years.  It served me very well, I used it most days of most weeks, but I developed the habit of putting my keys in the pocket, instead of in the handy key fob clasp that was made for purpose.
  I have the feeling that this is only a step on my trek to bag perfection ( bag OK-tion)

I'll be back around Sunday 'ish, hopefully.

How did the farmer mend his jeans?
With a cabbage patch!!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I'm starting a new project, a bag with pockets.
  Someone gave me yards of Ikea canvas in this shade of black and canvas.
  I made some curtains, well, finished the curtains that she started and I still have 10 yards left!

I tried to Gumtree it away but, no takers:(

My future bag!

So,  if  I'm very careful and  I don't rush,  I should have something that approaches a good enough bag by next Sunday!
I'm rather fond of orange (the colour, not the fruit) so, having nixed the idea of an orange shirt for myself, (trust me, my complexion will not allow for it!) I am going to lightly interface the orange Polycotton to make it a little more substantial and use it to line my new bag.   Gulp! How's all that fabric thickness going to fit under the foot of my new machine?
New machine?  Yep, and a brand new one too!
It's not mine, it belongs to Sister, who gave me Brother. I'm testing Toyota Super Jeans for her; so far, there's a lot I like about it!

So far, I used Toyota to put on some pockets and sewed on some binding.
This is heavy canvas that is interfaced, backed with Polycotton that is interfaced;  Toyota handled it with a relative ease that surprised me.

It really is not perfect, ( the sewing, not the machine) which was what I was going for, but it is a record of what I do, mistakes and all.

I was inspired to try this project because I noticed a hole in the front of the Kipling bag I have been toting for the past two years. 
So I measured,  


noted in a little book

 and watched some of the Craftsy Handbag Making course that I bought a few months back.


I took the precation of naming all pieces for panic free sewing

Top flap
I'll be (hopefuly) doing some more sewing and posting later this week!  So far, though, so-so, but good enough for now.

What do you call a man with two left feet?

Whatever you like - if he tries to catch you he'll just run round in circles !