A little better maybe

Monday, 28 May 2012

It was better in my imagination

I need to get some good friends.  If I had good friends, they would be honest and ask me where I thought I was going in this sepia flower riot!

I think it will remain unfinished and button-less.

This is not what I envisioned.  No!
I used option  B and made this one

I pictured something like this.  I made this 2 years ago.  I like this.

No. It really is this bad.

I'm thinking......, an apple in wallpaper

I'm usually so happy and smiley! 
Is there an emoticon for shudder?

Maybe I could get away with wearing it with a brown skirt.  Or a black one. Or a plain beige one.  Beige is good!

I go to sleep disappointed, reluctant to finish this and not wishing to start my dress that I wanted to tackle for Sunday.
Any style tips? I'm not wearing a cloak in this weather!

Where do fairies get their teeth fixed?
The elf centre!

(from a 6-year-old in year 2)


Friday, 25 May 2012

Hi Anyone?

I totally messed up the blouse I was supposed to be making.
I ran out of fabric because as usual I ignored the cutting layout and forgot to make allowances for pattern adjustments I made to both garments
I am using a peach/beige damask-like cotton as facing and under collar and facing for the skirt.  I really don't think the two fabrics match or contrast very well.
I would take a picture but it is late and I'm droopy eyed. 
I will go ahead and make up the suit tomorrow  anyway; sewing stops me eating so much (Yeah right!) and  I never know how a garment will turn out 'till it's complete.

More another day.

BTW, I have had so much help from the people at this site  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wefixit/ and I would like to thank all of them for taking the time to reply to my queries.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Robyn is still in her box under the work station along with the other 4 machines.  I don't have time for her for the next two weeks.  I want to keep her and fix her up but if I can just get her working and clean, that'll do me.

I've put off the idea of the skirt with back pleats/godets for the moment and I'm in the process of making myself two dress suits before the end of next week.  This is the blouse of the brown linen suit.  The other one is a navy, flowered chiffon or georgette.  If they are successful I will be very pleased!  I'm going to try and  be very careful in the making of these garments. Sew Much Better, right?

My cutting surface is made up of 2 old shelves  I used to use with my Ikea Broder system. They measure 60cm x 80cm each.

I put them on top of my ironing board because it can be raised and lowered so easily.  Only problem is, I don't have the room around the board to move around.  I'm going to buy me some easy move cups from my local tooting shop and see if I can shove my bed to one side , that way, It may be easier to have access to 3 sides of my 'cutting table'.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

She came in the post today, from the Bay of E, while I was at work and The nearly 17-year-old was home before her last exam of the year.

Got a whole lot of research to do

In a case with a key!

She is called Robyn.  doesn't she look like a Robyn to you? £42 including postage fee.  I'm going to bed now, and dream about Robin all shiny and working and sewing all sorts of stuff and all the accessories I'm going to buy off the bay of e.................

Sunday, 20 May 2012


A friend of The nearly 17-year-old gave me this fabric, from Kenya.

  I had the idea of making a two piece dress for myself using this old pattern Simplicity 4487
 and a standard Burda, bias cut A-line skirt.  17-tear-old waltzed into my bedroom/workspace, and declared the fabric hers as "it would make me a nice shirt waist dress"!  Drat!  No, I don't mean brat!
Does she really suppose I can turn out a wardrobe of clothes for her just like that? I know! 
I'm keeping the fabric for myself even though I'm bound to end up looking like a 70's sofa. BTW, this bog is called sew much, not style much better.  It's a process

Free from Posh Junk, (a second hand shop in Mitcham) after I bought £15 of fabric including

this silky stuff, 4 meters and 

this viscose type fabric, 5 meters approx.

Nothing I buy is cheap, it's all bargain dahling!

Guy sez to the Doctor, "Doc, I'm getting no reply to my tweets"!  Doc sez to the Guy, "Sorry, I'm not following you"!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

I saw a lady at the bus stop wearing a skirt with a wide godet at the back instead of a vent or a kick pleat and wanted to copy the idea for the nearly 17-year-old's next skirt. It was a pinstripe black pencil skirt, calf length with a button tab over the vertical godet seam.  Elegant.

McCall's 5523
 A bit like the red one.

My nearly 17-year-old is a size 6 English size so, I feel we are probably better off making clothes rather than buying then adjusting them.  I am trying to make myself one out of a cheap 'n nasty green synthetic uniform type material first, to see if  can and what mistakes to avoid on the real one!.
I would show it to you 'cause I took a pic and it's somewhere on this lappy but I don't know how to up or download things effectively. Yet.

I'll be using an old Husqvarna Viking 3010 sewing machine I bought from an Italian man in Tooting market years ago.  It does 3 stitches (straight, zigzag and triple zigzag) and that's all I need for most things. Of course My Ideal Machine right now would be a Silver Viscount from Coopers, anything from a 140 model and up to a 9500E. Who cant dream?  That dream could change!


Singer 631G on loan to a nice lady

Only had her for a while New Home 314

My not quite right Singer 27K

Husqvarna Viking 3010 the day I moved into the then 16-year-old's old room.  It is the same space as in the 1st pic.

(Yes!  I downloaded/uploaded pictures; go me!)

 I mentioned the Husqvarna Viking 3010.

 A few weeks ago I bought a 1904 Singer 27 hand crank that would crank but not move the needle bar one iota, just to see if I could get it working and much to my astonishment, I got it working!  I know!  I had a lot of help from someone called Stacy from Shade Tree Singer machine repair blog.

I also got help from this site.

They gave me advice on oiling, cleaning, taking apart and putting back together again. The tension is still poor and I cant get the foot off but I'm still working on it!

I have a Singer 631G that someone has borrowed long term.  She needed it a lot more than me.

My sister gave the then 15-year-old a used Brother PS 55 that only worked in reverse.  She still managed to  make herself a dress for her 'O' level Art and Design course.  It sews very well now that I've taken it apart and fixed the reverse only thing.  It wont sew backward now but The Sister wants it back.

I have a Pfaff Creative 1475 CD that hates me and that I cant take apart to fix the tension problem it is having! Cant bear to part with her though.  I bought her when the 22 year old was 5-months old (Yeah! Named her!) Her name (machine, not daughter), is Cuthbert.  I know!

Finally, I just purchased a new machine from the Bay of E. According to the serial number, it is a Singer 201K made in 1939. I used the serial number to check using this site: http://www.ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/serial-numbers/singer-ec-series-serial-numbers.html  I haven't told the nearly 17-year-old.

BTW, I just last week, sold a New Home 314 model machine.  Not many stitches but boy, did she sew!  She was called Norris. 

I want to get my hands on a treadle one day.  Boy will I make the 17-year-old cross!  There really is no room for treadle in this small flat.  Maybe if I just move the old bookshelf across............