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Friday, 13 September 2013


I made a few dresses for Crispy. Her name is something like Christina but as far as I know, everyone calls her Crispy. She has a few of them now in various lengths but always the same style; mandarin collar, v-neck, short sleeved, loose, no dart, tunic style. she gave me one of the originals and asked me if I could replicate it, so I gave it  try.  They all come in African prints and although she has about 6 of them already, she wants more.  After I made the 1st one, I tried it on and wanted my own, I liked it so much.

When I got hold of this fabric,
this is the inside, people, 
for £1.50 ( I was robbed!) at my local car boot sale, I knew what I wanted to do with it.  There is just about 3m of it in length but I didn't measure across. After washing and preparing it, I discovered this!
just too narrow for the pattern.
 I had cut the last one of Crispy's dresses on the bias after using this method from Threads Magazine June/July 2003.  I could never remember the actual mag so I made myself a very rough guide so I wouldn't have to trawl through all my mags each time!

following pictures not in order
somewhere in the middle of the process
ironing involved
preparation for the final seam
working out which seam goes where

the width I need and the length I want
final cut, about 2mm of the bottom
pattern fits, inches to spare. rubbish picture, sigh!
I'll be making it up next week.


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