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Saturday, 21 September 2013

African Print(ess)

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1956 Dress PDF Plus Size (or any size)  - Pattern No 21 Jerri

 I got this dress pattern ages ago, intending to make it for a wedding.  It's Jerri21 from Embonpoint patterns on EtsyUK.
 I decided that it would be best made in an African print.   I wanted something that would kind of go with this
 £2.50, car boot sale jacket.

   I found this design

in a shop in Tooting called Sovereign Textiles, 113 Mitcham Road, SW17.
They sell a lot of their fabrics in 6, 12 and 24 yard lengths and I got this 6 yard length for £15. 

This is the beginning of my journey through an Embonpoint pattern.

Print the ruler and Pattern

I edited out the numbers
Gather supplies for cutting and sticking
Trim the printed ruler 
Print side down
cover back with Gaffer tape x 4 layers

Trim Gaffer tape
cover r.s. with clear tape, 2 layers

then I aligned the printed tape with my tape measure

I used small clips to hold the tapes firm, ready for

 Rivet Setter


It was only after I'd gone through all the palaver that I remembered that I had a stapler. Grrrr!

I'll be making two very simple skirts for two girls this weekend.  The wedding is not till October so hopefully I'm  leaving myself enough time to do a decent job.  I'll post more on the subject of this dress as it progresses,  If it progresses.


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