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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Not yellow, maybe mellow?

It's done.
I have  the approval of the 18 Y O. She says "It's a lot neater than the other one"  
She's right, dagnamit!
Here it is and you can see for yourselves if I improved on my 1st, (rushed) version. Butterick 5315

I wanted her to try it on even tho' there are no buttons.

Side view, no leg pose

She almost always tries clothes over what she's wearing

I have some detail pictures too.
buttons she chose

pleated skirt

invisible zip

only invisible when her arm is covering it!

contrast undercollar

hem and sleeve hem the same treatment

how my invisible zips usually look
Yoke and CB pleat, opened.

I messed up the collar and have tried to make it look deliberately fancy

Well, you can't compare them cause I'm not blog advanced.  I don't know how to link back to my previous blog  pictures.  Sad ain't I:(

Blog bit

A white on black  mid weight cotton print, contrast white on black for undercollar.

Butterick 5315
The only change I made was to leave the back pleat in.  In the yellow dress, I forgot to take out the temporary stitching for the pleat.  18 Y O just told me today that the yellow version is 'not as roomy'.  Pah!

Probably! But I'd try and remember to make the shoulders wider on the pattern; I forget 18 Y O has wide shoulders for her size.

Doctor, doctor, I'm allergic to the high jump. 
Don't worry - you'll soon get over it.

Soon, I hope!

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