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Saturday, 29 June 2013


My skirt

I finally finished the skirt and mighty proud am I of it!  I don't like it very much because it looks a little old fashioned and I don't think it goes with anything in my wardrobe.

I was a bit more careful than usual with construction; it has an elasticated waist that I wanted to look a little less 'Becky homecy', so I took my time with it.

Stretch knit lining gathered at waist and sewn to waist for casing
I leave two thread tails at each end on one side only of elastic, this way I can more easily work out how to straighten the elastic if it twists

one of the tools I use for elastic casing insertion it's a  latch hook from an old knitting machine
 elastic going in

 a line of stitching so I can tell back from front
neat(ish) topstitching
I also spent time trying to work out how easy it would be to use my Haslam system of dressmaking using this Haslam board
 that I got off eBay and the instructions from this
This is also from eBay.  It is called Haslam Template Foundation disc ( I think) and is  full of scanned books featuring patterns from the past.  It contains the board that you have to make up yourself;  it's scanned onto the rom.  I had a bit of trouble printing the scans to he correct scale.  The ruler on the bottom is meant to be inches but mine came up short.  I went to this blog http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1932153 and Dr E, mentioned that she increased the scan a bit 'till she got the correct scale.  As I say, I got mine off the Bay but, I shall need to make one up using the instructions on the files because mine is very old and although it looks great, is a tad fragile
I decided to start off simple.  I chose collar G from a file called ILL DR AJC 82 page5. 

Well, the 18 Y O chose it and I made it up following the instructions in the files.
I used some scrap eyelet fabric from a dress I made the then 16 Y O.
I'm not going to wear this outside of this flat!
It was super easy to draft the pattern; the system requires some knowledge of dressmaking. Instructions for everything from buying equipment, such as sewing machines, irons and thread, to making up a garment, including fabric yardage and type, is provided with the system.
 You also get samples of other patterns that can be bought with this system

I cant wait for a time when I can make me a whole garment!
Btw, a lady called Ann Jones sells this system on eBay.  She is most helpful and patient and has excellent communication.   The whole system costs me well under £20.  I bought the Haslam chart/board cos I was curious, it was old and genuine and I couldn't be bothered to make the board yet.  But I will. I'm spending a while photoshopping it using Pixlr before I print it out.

I think my posts are too long!

Where do rabbits learn to fly?
In the hare force!


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