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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Its fail day!

Because, I was meant to have had a finished suit by Tuesday;
 buttons sewn, hems neatened, collars top stitched.......

I have this instead
A collar, 
an un-top stitched, faced front or two,

A shoulder seam and finished facing,

and a  hem that will be narrow.

Not the progress I hoped to make. On the other hand, since I'm meant to be getting Sewmuchbetter,  maybe it's best that I take my time and finish with a garment I am proud to wear. Tuesday, not fail day!

I now have,  

One of these!
My Silver Viscount overlocker looks more like this,

 but my picture of it says nothing good about this fine piece of machinery.
I spotted it on Gumtree London a few months ago, bought it home and kept it out of sight for a braver time.  It was being sold for less than half price, just down the road from my place, had hardly been used and  came with a few large cones of thread.
I only just got round to working out how to use it; now that I'm more confident, I shall use it a lot more!  
some practise stitches

Etsy is a place full of wonderful things.  As I was Internet window shopping I really had to buy a dress and jacket pattern that I came across from one of the sellers.

Her name is Omega;  she sells these Embonpoint patterns as PDF files. Each file comes with a ruler, instructions and patterns pieces for each garment.  I paid £13 for both jacket and dress.  Embonpoint patterns can be used to fit sizes from 20" to 69" bust. You could fit a whole gaggle? bevy? of bridesmaids.  What is the collective noun? Should there be one? It should be beauty!  You could fit a whole beauty of bridesmaids! Her patterns are gorgeous! You know, vintage, but now!  Search for EMBONPOINT in Etsy, you'll see what I mean.

This is some of what I got

This was too small, and so were the other options suggested i.e. 100% zoom

more of the above

I pulled this number out of a hat.  Worked though!

To get the correct size, I had to experiment with %ages on my printer 'till I arrived at a 120% print out

There are other pages that tell what the symbols and letters mean, and how to use the ruler etc.  
I shan't be starting this project till the 18 Y O finishes her exams and I can have my dining table back.
This system is similar to the Lutterloh  system according to Omega and I think it is.  The special rulers though are not interchangeable.

Have a good week!

Why was the broom late?
It over swept!

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