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Saturday, 18 May 2013


I have been quite disparaging about my local car boot sale in Wimbledon Stadium on Saturdays.  To me, it looks like a scene from a post Armageddon film, all desperate and dreary!  However, one Saturday, after I saw a man carrying a sewing machine that he'd just bought there, for £25, I changed my mind!

I took the opportunity to go today and I came away with the most beautiful gleaming white lace tablecloth, ( of course , I forgot to take a picture but looks a lot like this!) and I gave it to my sister.  

I also scored this home made, Jade wool suit.
It's a lot more green in the flesh (wool)
 that has some of the kind of detail that I want to be bothered to put into my clothes
skirt hem

waistband, not I suspect, meant to be seen on a blog!

Liking these buttonholes

Jacket facing and hem

CB lining detail 

under collar; and a lot of stitches
How, you are asking, do I know it is really wool?
'Cos I did the burn test with a few fibres snipped from a seam and I put them through the fire.  They smelled like burning hair and there were no telltale melty plastic bubbles.  (yes! melty is a real word)

I love this suit.   Only thing is, looking at the photos, I remind me of Black Miss Trunchbull!

The Trunch!
And the price for looking like an old lady?   


Who's that said I've been robbed?

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