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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Go Postie!


came in the post, sometime yesterday, from these people

I love them; they're sturdy, all the same shade, from the UK and delivered as promised.  Great service eh?

 came today from these people

I wasn't going to put a pocket in this bag but I'm liking the idea now. There's a whole space here, 

on the back, where black should go (IMO).

This is the bag that started me on my bag journey.  it's from Amazon, from back a few years.  It served me very well, I used it most days of most weeks, but I developed the habit of putting my keys in the pocket, instead of in the handy key fob clasp that was made for purpose.
  I have the feeling that this is only a step on my trek to bag perfection ( bag OK-tion)

I'll be back around Sunday 'ish, hopefully.

How did the farmer mend his jeans?
With a cabbage patch!!!

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