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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I'm starting a new project, a bag with pockets.
  Someone gave me yards of Ikea canvas in this shade of black and canvas.
  I made some curtains, well, finished the curtains that she started and I still have 10 yards left!

I tried to Gumtree it away but, no takers:(

My future bag!

So,  if  I'm very careful and  I don't rush,  I should have something that approaches a good enough bag by next Sunday!
I'm rather fond of orange (the colour, not the fruit) so, having nixed the idea of an orange shirt for myself, (trust me, my complexion will not allow for it!) I am going to lightly interface the orange Polycotton to make it a little more substantial and use it to line my new bag.   Gulp! How's all that fabric thickness going to fit under the foot of my new machine?
New machine?  Yep, and a brand new one too!
It's not mine, it belongs to Sister, who gave me Brother. I'm testing Toyota Super Jeans for her; so far, there's a lot I like about it!

So far, I used Toyota to put on some pockets and sewed on some binding.
This is heavy canvas that is interfaced, backed with Polycotton that is interfaced;  Toyota handled it with a relative ease that surprised me.

It really is not perfect, ( the sewing, not the machine) which was what I was going for, but it is a record of what I do, mistakes and all.

I was inspired to try this project because I noticed a hole in the front of the Kipling bag I have been toting for the past two years. 
So I measured,  


noted in a little book

 and watched some of the Craftsy Handbag Making course that I bought a few months back.


I took the precation of naming all pieces for panic free sewing

Top flap
I'll be (hopefuly) doing some more sewing and posting later this week!  So far, though, so-so, but good enough for now.

What do you call a man with two left feet?

Whatever you like - if he tries to catch you he'll just run round in circles !

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