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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bag jumper

My week with not enough pictures:(

I'm working on a new bag.  I'm kind of addicted at the moment (you don't say!) but it'll pass soon.  The sun is in the sky in the UK, sometimes, and even though it's still very cold, ( nobody told the weather it's nearly June) I'm hopeful that I can wear some summer gear that I plan to make, soon.

In the mean time,  I'm part way through a bag that used to be a jumper. I acquired this from a recent clothes swap.  I ( of course, with my feeble memory) forgot to take a picture of the jumper before I cut it up! But the shape was very similar to this one,

but with less sleeve, less pattern and less neck.  And as you can see from the pictures below, it was washed so much, I didn't need to finish of the edges as it doesn't even fray when cut!

This was meant to have been the back of the bag but, because it's only a useful tote, I'm gonna have this in front, plain back and use a bag organiser instead of putting more pockets on (in).
It's a bit feeble, so...
I sewed plastic canvas onto the side seams

Inside, interfaced and strengthened 

That's it, so far.  I'm awaiting hardware from the post people.  I told myself to stop spending so much on the Bay so,  I bought my stuff from a shop on Etsy UK instead.  (hee hee)!

I had 40 minutes to wait for a pal in Tooting Broadway on Wednesday lunchtime, so I popped in to a place called Graveney and Meadow for tea and a sit down.  Service was great, young folk working were all lovely, not to mention beautiful and tea was bought to me with a tiny teapot that yielded 2 cups.  No pics (sigh)!
I'm going back, I'm bringing a friend and I'm taking pictures, if they allow it.  This is their site
The reason I'm giving them a mention is - this is what I saw on my trip to the bathroom.

Pattern paper art!
I was altogether too amused!
Another day!

How do you make seven an even number?
You take out the 's'!

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