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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Putting it all together

I've been sewing up a storm,  More of a bit of a stiff breeze really. There's something tired and worn about my wardrobe and it needs updating. I've grown sad for it's sorry state and I want to try to replace the sad and worn with new, basic, classic pieces that can easily be mixed and matched. This is what I'm starting this year.
I am trying techniques I learnt from Pam Howard's Tailored Shirt class.  I like what I'm producing and am beginning to be proud to wear and show them off though, I don't always have a willing photographer when I'm wearing my creations and my photo skills are a joke!
I am learning, by trial and error (and with the help of some generous bloggers taking the time to post useful info) to adjust and measure patterns to fit before sewing.  
I used a full bust adjustment on the first shirt pattern front an front facing.  This technique is all over the interweb and is easily found.

Blah blah blah!  I could, but wont, go on about it all; instead, here's some of the debris the sewing storm left behind......

Still not too good with picture taking

That Prima dress again
It's not the stripes, I really am that fat!  But don't worry 'cause, I don't mind! So long as I can delude myself that I look great, then, I look great!

It's that Prima dress again.......

 .......but in black t-shirt fabric bought in Broadway market in Tooting SW London. The coat fabric was bought in the same place and the two cost me £22 altogether.  The pattern for the coat was from this old Burda magazine, from 1/2011 style 126.

 I started these, one cold, dreary Thursday afternoon and finished on the cold, dark, dreary Sunday.

Some more pictures
gathered front detail dress
closer on the cardigan/coat
Then, I made this shirt from a really old Burda exclusive, starting on the same Sunday evening............


I used the collar turning method from this site

 It's still not perfect but it was the easiest and best I've done in ages!

Trying to work out what the instructions were asking. I figured it was asking for a collar with a stand, but for cuffs.

........and then this one using the fabric from a simple curtain and some of the same blue patterned cotton on the first shirt.

It makes me look like a funky, '70s school dinner lady!
I'm not sure I'll wear it :^)

 and then I made two more from this 11/2001 Burda pattern




 I accidentally melted the collar and so am left with the stand, alone.  Now, of course, the 17-Y-O wants a shirt or two.  She's gonna have to learn to sew for herself!

My 17-Y-O's way of wrapping gifts.

While I was between shirts, I mad myself a pair of grey wool mix trousers using a pattern I drafted using the Surefit designs system.  These are the most comfortable, smart trousers I have worn.  Pictures another time.

My 17 year old came home with some art stuff to throw away and I managed to save this

before it went into the recycling bin.  She says it's just a little sketch!  I've got it on my bedroom wall.

  I'm currently making 3 simple dresses for a woman with the unlikely name of Krispy using African fabrics!

There'll be more whenever I'm free to blog.......

How did the phones get married?
In a double ring ceremony!

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