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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dresses and hams and rolls and courses............

Hi lovely blog-visitors,
I'm back after months of pure laziness and time-wasting, as well as on line course studying and fabric pottering around with-ing!

Remember the lace wedding bolero?

She looks so lovely!

I have no idea how this picture got itself onto my phone since I wasn't at the wedding but I'm glad it's there. Shows something I made that I can be proud of at last.

This is a Blog of mistakes as well as successes, so, I tell you, I made a (mistake) lilac jacket for a friend which I'm reluctant to show close-up, even though the friend makes it look elegant. I did not like the result for many reasons.  I rushed to finish it for a certain day, I used the wrong interfacing and I made a bad decision about the lining based on the (what the heck was he thinking?) advice of a very good tailor.
 When I'd finished, even though everybody thinks the colour is 'very her', I just don't think I did a good job of it.  In fact I think it looks - well - amateur :(  

Here it is before I put buttonholes on it.

This is as close as we're gonna get!
So I licked the wounds of my damaged creativity and made myself a ham and a roll and a dress and watched some online courses that I bought and was too busy to watch.
One course was the Starlet jacket by Gretchen from Gertie's New Blog for better sewing one was The couture dress with Susan Kaljie on Craftsy.com. and the third is The Tailored shirt with Pam Howard.
also joines Threads Insiders and have looked at many techniques that can make a simple garment look a lot more professional.  I've been forced to up my game a little.

I used this Burda pattern

I'll have to look up the month and year

And made the 17-Y-O

This dress,

using a spare piece of what looks like thin crepe and some silk organza that I bought from the Bay of E that I intended to use as a pressing cloth.
"How do you know it's real silk organza"? I don't hear you all asking. 
Well I don't.  But I do know that when you put fabric strands into a flame, you get a smell of burnt hair and the burnt fabric is reduced to a powder, (natural fabrics) or  you get melted strands with very dark bubbles that you don't want to touch because they are very hot. Very. And they burn your fingers and leave blisters that are painful. Very. 
I got burnt hair that flaked like soot/charcoal. I've convinced myself it is silk and in any case, synthetic organza has a gleamy sheen and sets my teeth on edge and this did not.


I found this collar in Silkhance in Tooting, SW London.  I think it really dresses up a plain dress.

Easy elastic waistband
the binding I attempted

I'll be putting on the collar properly using mini snaps when I get round to it.

 I hand stitched the lining onto the yoke seams.  
17 Y O said I should make myself a dress like this but in a plain black.  I just might happen!
Trouble is, now she wants me to make her many variations on the theme.  It could happen.

Loud Smiley

I took the badly hand stitched lining and zip out of this coat that I made years ago and re attached them using the 'bag your jacket lining' from Threads insider techniques.

 More coat pics

I'm learning that it is not the sewing that's too difficult for me.
What I find really hard is being patient.  I want to make it all NOW! Or at least this week. But,
when I copied the french binding technique from Threads Insider, it took me hours! Well about an hour and a half, because I really wanted a more professional look. It was so worth e time and effort. I think I nearly got it.  It stands up to close inspection.
17 Y O is hoping to wear the dress in 3 weeks time so, I hope I can remember to get pics of her all gussied up! 

I made this over sized ham and undersized sleeve roll set to help me with my pressing during tailoring whenever I get round to it.  I put 'DIY tailors ham' into the search engine and took my pick from a plethora of pages.
It's already proved useful for helping me with pressing.

I used four pieces of fabric, two calico for the lining, one colourful cotton on one out side and wool for the other grey side. 
This is what it looks like being stuffed.

The pieces cut out

These are my dress, ham and courses.

I am currently trying a duffle that I downloaded and printed the pattern from Burdastyle. 

The one I'm making just looks like a sack so far..................
See you on the other side of the duffle!

Who invented fractions?
Henry the 1/8

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