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Friday, 31 August 2012

September Prima 2012

I wanted to use this latest September Prima Pattern

September Prima 2012

 to make a dress out of this jersey fabric.

and I really like the result

I did say that I would like to make a colour block one but, I think I'm going to buy black stretch fabric instead.  This will be my one and only LBD. 

It was a very easy make and turned out better than expected.  I would make it again in black, longer and with a long tied sash instead of the front band.
 I think, considering how I'm usually turned out, it's quite smart on me.  I can see me wearing it with a long, black sleeveless waterfall cardi and boots during colder seasons and doing lunch with the girls. 

  As if!

I am also in the process of making a simple, print fabric pencil skirt for the 17-Y-O who is interested in all fabric African at the moment.She really wants an African print blazer too. 

 As if!!

I am doing a muslin for her to check the fit for a dress. She likes dresses. I am using the Surefit Designs system and hopefully I can make whatever designs she can dream up in her clever arty brain  so long as it's simple. (LOL).

Did you ever hear the story of the peacock?
It's a beautiful tail!

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