A little better maybe

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I got my sewing confidence back.  I lost it after making stuff that was ill fitting or unsuitable or just plain wrong and then I made a Surefit design dress and pair of trousers, and a bolero for a young girl's wedding and they turned out very well  and now it's back!
I'm going to go ahead and make this

using this jersey print that I bought from Tooting Broadway market

and if it works out, I'm thinking it would look OK in block colour style-e.

It feels good to be back!

Boy sez:  " 'Scuse me Mista, is this the other side of the road?"
Sir  sez:   "No it's over there!"
Boy sez:  "That's odd, that man over there said it was over here!"

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  1. Wow! This dress looks amazing! It suits you perfect and I love the colore-combination! Such a good job! :)