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Monday, 20 August 2012

Blueprint patterns and tatty bags

I used the Sure Fit Designs system to make myself a bodice and skirt blueprint pattern for my awkward shape. 
(Awkward is such an awkward word to type)

I think it's kind of space nurse
I know it's not perfect but I am so happy with the fit!  Of course, the sewing is pants but I was eager  to try the fit because I wanted to go to sleep!
It's something I can work with.  I am looking to make another twist front dress using a pattern I am going to try drafting  myself.  It will involve moving darts and centre front bodice grain line......

I also spent a little time making a trouser blueprint

and then made a pair, from an old queen size flat sheet, (lol) they are pictured here

 They are very comfortable  even for sitting in. I  shall make a pair soon, using some wool-mix fabric I picked up when I went to Posh Junk in Mitcham, London.

It was practically free, so I think I can afford to make mistakes.  If I do get it wrong though, I shall be cross because of the time and effort put forth so, I suppose I'll have to be careful.

I also want to make the 17-Y-O a satchel.  She always looks very neat, groomed almost.  Then you look at her handbag!

Tatty pap!

So I made a mock up in this Ikea canvas.  

I've been given a black leather jacket and it's going to be a satchel bag by the end of the holiday.
I'll be using instructions from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam

and the OCD Blog here.

I've been collecting magnetic fasteners and metal bits and bobs from old bags.  My old Singer 201K can handle leather. I know this 'cause I mended the 17-Y-O's nice leather bag, from River Island.

The Joke Latest

1st boy: My cat likes to drink lemon juice.

2nd boy: Wow! He must be a sourpuss!

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