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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We had a beach party today courtesy of the money we raised from selling bags, T-shirts, bracelets, bookmarks and temporary tattoos, designed by or approved of by the 6-7 year old darlings!
One of the Olympic themed bags we painted
I cant show pictures of the children in the very big; inflatable pool cause we're not allowed to take personal pics of schoolkids for obvious reasons.

I wore this outfit,

 not knowing the party was beach themed. They decided on the theme yesterday after I went home. I chose this outfit because I knew we were going to have sunshine in London for once.

I'm not trying a new pose here!  I placed a mirror behind the  camera so that I could see if I was actually in the range of the camera lens. Then I took some proper pics, well proper for me!
I have been following this blog http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.co.uk/  because it's just fabulous.

I got this kit

curve line and seam allowance drawer

curvy line draw-e thing

dart template

From Sure-Fit designs.

I also had a lesson with a young woman who made clothes back home with her Grandmother without the use of patterns.
They fitted people of all shape and size range;  it is a skill that I have wanted to learn for a long time. I've never been able to work out how to do it myself and I've never seen it on any sites I've visited.  I need to be shown things.  She showed me during a very long afternoon session.  She is very strict and I am a rubbish student, easily distracted.
The good news for me is, I have a few weeks holiday to try the methods I have been learning.  I can practice on myself and The 17-year-old. 
(I am off work 'till September 4th).

These three things, the blog, the African way of making patterns and the kit, will, I hope enable me to make myself some simple, well fitting garments that are comfy and, I hope, stylish.

This is what I've got so far.

I would say sorry about the pics but, you're better off not seeing them  too well.

 It's a steep learning curve for me. I am measuring, analysing, trying to tweak, crease, and fold away bits of fabric that are not suitable. The aim, is a few basic patterns that I can use to make basic garments that I can embellish with pattern, cording, bling, lace, pleats, tucks......

I think  I have the sewing knowledge and maybe even the skills.  I now have to learn to exercise patience and take my time and sew as slowly as is needed instead of trying to make a whole garment in one day or evening and just hope it turns out well!
Am I supposed to sign my name here?  Well anyway, see ya'll
Caje. xx

What's the most dangerous vegetable to have on a boat?
A leek!

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