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Sunday, 1 July 2012

(It never occurred to me that a blog would take up so much of my time!)

Our school is doing an Olympic fair with each class making various items to sell.  My class is making bracelets, doing tattoos and bookmarks and little lunch bags.  I was asked to make 25 little totes by Friday coming and, 

here they are!
This is only 11 bags, there ar 15 more already made up and sitting in the classroom.

Here  are some of the steps I took to make them

Lines of handles.  14cm of 50cm long fabric folded in 1/2 lengthways , edges turned under and sewn along the long edge then cut in half to make a pair of handles

The 17 - year - old.  Elegant hands!

I'll describe how to do this on another, less tired blog

production line of bags

fabric folded in half.  size 50cm x 32cm (ish)

Remember the shawl?
It stays on as you move around

The owner is nuff pleased!

I used a length of the same fabric cut on the bias, to lengthen her dress by 6" (15cm) at the hem because  she said, 'I don't do short!' 
I've not seen the result but she is well chuffed!

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  1. bag lady! no I kid. I need an event I can wear a shawl too...