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Friday, 22 June 2012

A very quick make

I made this skirt

 yesterday after I discovered a length of jersey type fabric and some waist elastic in my stash.

I measured my waist to floor and then my hip and more.
I joined the long sides together with a 1cm seam

I joined some of the elastic using triple zig-zag stitch for strength, based on a measurement that is 4" (10cm) shorter than my waist.  I has to be comfortable when it goes over the hips as you pull the skirt on. I divided the elastic into 4 equal (ish) parts.
Dividing the tube into 4 equally equal parts.

 The two are sewn together using the elastic/stretch stitch
It's not so pretty inside but it works and I will wear it out as I wear it out.

I've been playing with my new webcam.
I don't see well without my specs :)

Blue wig worn during school Jubilee celibration

Patient: Doctor Doctor, I've swallowed my pen!
Doctor: How are you coping so far?
Patient: OK, I'm using a pencil?


  1. Can you comment on your own blog? Is there such a thing as blog Etiquette? (we used to call this etti-ketti)

    Hate the wig! Love the attitude!