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Monday, 25 June 2012

Singing and sewing

On Saturday I was invited to sing during afternoon tea

for a lovely, lively group of ladies and gentlemen in their 80's.  They were entertained with a program of  songs made popular by Streisand, Fitzgerald, King Cole, father and daughter as well as some standards.  What got them up  and dancing though was the Bob Marley album we played afterwards.

This has absolutely nothing to do with sewing better except,  I came away with this fabric

 that is the spare from this button up wrap someone has asked me to make for them.
I have no idea of the fabrics composition so when I remember I'll do a burn test on a few strands.

Fabric strand  burn test

I pull a few threads of fabric away from the main body of the fabrics edge, hold them in some large tweezers and hold it over a candle.Have some water in a bowl nearby and ready for putting out the flames should they spread.  Only use very few threads of the fabric and make sure your hair is tied back and sleeves/ loose clothing is out of harms reach.
If it bubbles and melts and turns hard like plastic, it's probably synthetic and if it turns to ashes or smells like burning human hair or wool, it's probably natural fibre. It could be a mixture of both.

Anyhoo, this is what I've done so far.....

Fold longways and stitch long edge

fabric has been turned through and pressed.

I folded and stitched the short sides together to enclose all raw edges then put a covered snap on the corner

other half of covered snap

snaps ready to be closed

sorry about the shaky photo

The short end with the snaps closed

The idea is that it stays on the shoulders when you're eating,  reading talking...... because the snaps closed, form a sleeve like tube.
I'll take more photo's another day when I've finished hand sewing.

I am also making little canvas lunch totes for a fare the school is going to have. I need to do 25 before next Friday.

It is ON!

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