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Sunday, 3 June 2012

I've been busy this week, not celebrating the Jubilee, although I did at work.  (I work in a school in year 2 with a whole bunch of little lovely's!  I am very fortunate). I was busy preparing for a two day assembly for which I made a dress.
Twist front


Don't worry, it looked much better on the real day!
Grey cardigan

I wore it with a bright pink cami and a grey longline cardi
And some bargain jewellery from QVC, Tooting Harrods and Pollards Hill  Friday market.

 My pal Glorious, showed me how she used to make clothes with her Grandmother in Nigeria while we were away this weekend. She cuts patterns straight from the fabric using a few measurements.  I'm going to practice on a frock for the soon to be 17-year-old.  in the meantime, here are pictures of the dress I made for Sunday. Of course I styled it a little better and put on some pull-you-in underwear to give me a waist.  I bought the fabric Cotton jersey) from Tooting Market for £4 a meter and added 10" to the skirt pattern for a long summer dress. The pattern is a maternity dress (I know) with modifications to the skirt front.  One day I'll put it on and take decent photo's.  I need to get me a proper camera and tripod. I know the 22-year-old is following my blog. HINT HINT!

What country does candy come from?


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