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Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'm making the 17-year-old a skirt. I made her a pattern according to her measurements using the Glenda Sparling system. The first skirt, a plain, black, knee length wardrobe essential fitted very well considering I had to measure her over her clothes as she can never be bothered to strip to her undies when being measured.  So the ease was very ease!  I had to put the tape over her jeans and t-shirt. And 2 camisoles.  She wears 2, OK? It looks great and fits amazingly well considering I made it!
I took the final black skirt in 2cm on the needle plate on both side seam, 8cm.  She's US size 0-2  at her waist.
I'll do photos one day.

22-year-old tricked me by buying me a new camera on my own laptop while I was distracted.  I know nothing about it except it's black and at her yard, charging.  I am very excited. She popped round to eat chicken soup and advise me on a camera that she spotted in Argos but was a bit distressed when she found out I was buying a camera instead of food.
22-year-old, Thanks a LOT!  I'll be using the camera to take pictures for my blog and I'm going to learn how to make the pages visually more appealing.  (What a rubbish statement for an unseen blog)
You're thinking ' no wonder the 17-year-old is size 2', but you'd be wrong. We have lots of food in the fridge and freezer, enough for about 10 meals.  So there!

This is my plan for the skirt. I have to get the steps in my head and then try and organise something on paper.
Style she chose

forgot to draw facing pattern pieces

what I think I should cut.

This is the fabric I bought from TBM  (Tooting Broadway Market)
Polyester wool 
the wool bit

I have cut it and will begin sewing it tomorrow, if I can stay awake.

Q.What side of the bear has the most fur?
A: the outside!  

I have so many more............

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