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Thursday, 21 June 2012

I started off OK.  Pleats, check, side  back seams, check. Iron on interfacing, check! 

Something wrong with my measurements, the pleated panel is too short. I have to rip it out and start again!

It was all going so well in my head
Facings cut and interfaced I used the measurements from the black skirt

A black skirt I remade 2 years ago.
I showed the 17-Y-O and she told me the skirt was too long anyway and I should cut it all the same length at the hem and don't worry.....

I ended up after machining and doing a little of this,

with this


and she likes it a lot but I cant get her to model it even though she looks ab fab!

I got a tip from Joy (of course you don't know who that is but she gave me a tip OK!) who went to Posh Junk in Mitcham.  I went  and got these

I think I could rock this look

This is for the posh in me

I got 3 of these

Pattern is intact and in my size

Something for experimentation purposes one day

all for £2.50

I know!

Q: What do you get when you cross a computer and a life guard?
A: A screensaver!

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