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Saturday, 9 June 2012

I didn't want to throw away the large scraps of jersey fabric I had in my disorganised stash so I took this T-shirt

folded it down the centre, drew around it directly onto a large fabric stash piece leaving a guesstimate of 1/2 cm and a hem of 4cm. I did this twice.

Then I did this with one of the pieces
9 cm down from neck edge, to shoulder edge
To get this

Front unfolded
I tackled the sleeve in s similar manner

a bit pointy

I stitched using Brother to get this

Back with  hem vents

Then I had late lunch!  Risotto (20p from a packet bought from Pollard Hill Community Centre Friday market.  I know!) with frozen peas and a half tin sweetcorn. And 9 shakes of black ground pepper. And a bottle of water.


I did it all over again with some other brown jersey fabric left over from another project.

cutting neck binding with help from a safety ruler from the Bay of e.

 neck binding joined at shoulder


I've seriously gone off brown!

I really like the patterned and want to know if the other was a mistake in the dye factory

Do you think I could get away with wearing it (brown) with a plain brown skirt, taupe soft knit jersey cardigan/jacket  and some loud gold jewellery?  I already have some gold-ish ballerinas.
I suppose I should model it but, have you seen me try and pose?

Guy sez to Doctor, " I accidentally swallowed loads of food colouring. What should I do"?  Doc sez, " You feel alright!?  Guy sez,  "I'm OK actually but I feel like I dyed a little inside"!

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