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Friday, 8 June 2012

I did a lot of resting this week seeing as it's the school holiday, YAY!

Resting usually involves something sewing wise (why didn't I name my blog sewing wise?) and my sister gave me a vintage, lined dress to  shorten. We (22-year-old) and I went to her house only to be greeted by a veritable banquet.  Carrot muffins, chocolate fudge cake, honey glazed drums and wings, more veg sides than is strictly legal, coleslaw, rice and peas AND Jerk chicken! I'm naming only a few of the dishes, I had to try them all; it would have been a crime against etiquette not to!

Sister gave me Brother to keep, again, YAY!

He used to be on loan to 17-year-old

She wants to get one of these

Here's what I did on Wednesday with Brother.

  Shortened it a bit.

Neat? I took 5" off: She's only pocket sized! (Sister)


The dress has shaping pleats at the waist on fabric and lining, covered buttons and American football size shoulder pads and she looks great in it!

I also took the hand-crank from this 27k

and put it onto the 201k. 
 Then I put a plug onto the motor re-connected it to the 201k and it and the Singer light, worked.
I plugged it into one of those socket extensions that have surge protection.

These are some of the accessories that I bought over the Bay of e.
Adjustable hemmer

Some kind of binder


Narrow hemmer

5 bobbins, 1 in machine 2 to 22-year-old

and a ruffler that works perfectly, and all for 10 squid!
I'm gonna try and get a buttonholer and a zig zagger. 

A little girl goes to see the doctor. She’s got a pea in one nostril, a grape in the other, and a carrot stick stuck in her ear. Her Mum says to the doctor, “She's not feeling too good.”
Doctor says, “I see the problem. She's not eating properly!”
Bad eh?  (hee hee!)

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