A little better maybe

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Robyn is still in her box under the work station along with the other 4 machines.  I don't have time for her for the next two weeks.  I want to keep her and fix her up but if I can just get her working and clean, that'll do me.

I've put off the idea of the skirt with back pleats/godets for the moment and I'm in the process of making myself two dress suits before the end of next week.  This is the blouse of the brown linen suit.  The other one is a navy, flowered chiffon or georgette.  If they are successful I will be very pleased!  I'm going to try and  be very careful in the making of these garments. Sew Much Better, right?

My cutting surface is made up of 2 old shelves  I used to use with my Ikea Broder system. They measure 60cm x 80cm each.

I put them on top of my ironing board because it can be raised and lowered so easily.  Only problem is, I don't have the room around the board to move around.  I'm going to buy me some easy move cups from my local tooting shop and see if I can shove my bed to one side , that way, It may be easier to have access to 3 sides of my 'cutting table'.

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  1. I love your sewing machine! Its really cute and vintage