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Sunday, 20 May 2012


A friend of The nearly 17-year-old gave me this fabric, from Kenya.

  I had the idea of making a two piece dress for myself using this old pattern Simplicity 4487
 and a standard Burda, bias cut A-line skirt.  17-tear-old waltzed into my bedroom/workspace, and declared the fabric hers as "it would make me a nice shirt waist dress"!  Drat!  No, I don't mean brat!
Does she really suppose I can turn out a wardrobe of clothes for her just like that? I know! 
I'm keeping the fabric for myself even though I'm bound to end up looking like a 70's sofa. BTW, this bog is called sew much, not style much better.  It's a process

Free from Posh Junk, (a second hand shop in Mitcham) after I bought £15 of fabric including

this silky stuff, 4 meters and 

this viscose type fabric, 5 meters approx.

Nothing I buy is cheap, it's all bargain dahling!

Guy sez to the Doctor, "Doc, I'm getting no reply to my tweets"!  Doc sez to the Guy, "Sorry, I'm not following you"!

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